Oluyole Local Government is one of the oldest Local Government council in Oyo State. The Local Government has its headquarters at Idi-Ayunre Old Lagos/Ibadan road.

It shares boundaries with four Local Government Area i.e; Ibadan South-West, Ibadan South-East, Ona-Ara and Ido all within Ibadan Metropolis. While it shares boarders with Ogun State through Egbeda-Obafemi, Odeda and Ijebu-North Local Government Areas.

Oluyole Local Government was established in 1976 and the Council occupies about 4,000 square kilometers. Based on 2006 population Census its population is 202,725.

There were 10 wards in Oluyole Local Government and these wards were divided into two sector. Namely; Idi-Ayunre Sector and Olode Sector.

Idi-Ayunre Sector comprises of:

  • Ward 2 – Orita/Odo Ona-Elewe.
  • Ward 5 – Odo Ona-Nla/Idi-Ayunre.
  • Ward 8 – Abanla/Olonde.
  • Ward 9 – Onipe/Busogboro.
  • Ward 10 – Orisunbare.

Olode Sector Comprises of:

  • Ward 1 – Ayegun.
  • Ward 3 – Pegba/Egbeda Tuba.
  • Ward 4 – Muslim/Ifelodun.
  • Ward 6 – Latunde.
  • Ward 7 – Olomi/Olunde.

However, this Olode Sector is now Akorede Local Council Development Area. It was established in January, 2017 by Governor Abiola Ajimobi Administration.

The Urban Section of the Local Government comprises such area like Lagos/Ibadan Express Road, Old Lagos road, New Garage, Orita, Odo Ona Elewe where many big comprises were sited. Companies like; British America Tobacco (BAT), ROM Oil, Agrited Company, Black-Horse plastic company, Jubaili Agro-Limited, KAMAR Industries, Oriented foods and many others. Some Quary companies flourishing in the area were;

  • Kopek Quarry at Olounde
  • RCC Quarry at Ekefa Village
  • Ratcon Quarry
  • Takol Quarry at Seko Village
  • CNC Quarry
  • KULUN Quarry
  • Platinum Quarry and so on.